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Brief history and service

Héraðsskjalasafn Skagfirðinga or Skagafjörður's local Archives, was founded in 1947 in order to preserve manuscripts and other documents that reflected the history of Skagafjörður. As well, it was, and still remains, the Archives role to collect and preserve official documents generated in Skagafjörður. To begin with the manuscripts were preserved in the local library's premises but since 1969 the Archives has been located in Faxatorg, Sauðárkrókur. The first official manager of Héraðsskjalasafn Skagfirðinga was Kristmundur Bjarnason. Current manager is Sólborg Una Pálsdóttir.

  • ,,Institutions and government departments are expected to preserve the materials produced in the course of their work and those that they receive. When these materials are 30 years old, they are to be made over to the National Archives. Regional archives receive materials from the local authorities. Disposal of materials is prohibited unless it conforms to the National Archives' rules and special permission is granted by the archives' governing board for such disposal. Thus, the National Archives ensure that all materials regarding the rights and duties of the state and individuals are preserved."
  • Public Archives Act
  • The staff of the Archives assists individuals and organizations with a variety of documentation as well as receiving documents from local authorities and individuals. Furthermore, we offer recommendations regarding classification of documents from local institutions.
  • Atom is an archival description software which keeps track and conveys the registration of documents preserved at Héraðsskjalasafn Skagfirðinga. A considerable number of archives have not been recorded in Atom.

The archive contains a comprehensive set of documents. A variety of official documents from local institutions, businesses and NGOs, manuscript collections, photograpic collections and smaller private archives.


  • Photos for book publising
    - Front page 15.000 ISK
    - Inside page 5700 ISK
  • Newspapers
    - 26% of page or more 15.500 ISK
    - 25% of page or less 7.800 ISK
  • Magazines 
    - Front page and cover 15.500 ISK
    - Inside page 5.700 ISK
  • Other publications
    - Companies websites 5.700 ISK
    - Exhibitions 5.700 ISK
    - Advertising material 15.500 ISK
    - News content 15.500 ISK
    - For personal use 1.600 ISK
    - Fee for various other use depends on the edition of the item in question.
  • Copying
    - A4/A5, each page 40 ISK
    - A3, each page 70 ISK
  • Processing fee
    - Fee for classification and registration of unfinished files from public institutions 5200 ISK p. hour.